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Website Tips

Money Back Guarantee for Site Build It! Just like having a free trial!

E-Business Builder...Click here to read this page if you have EVER thought of making a website. Make the most of the strong commercial astrological energy around now. Check it out! What can you lose?

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Special SiteSell Promotion


Astro-Services is moving, lock, stock and barrel, to Site Build It! During the coming weeks this site will be redesigned and moved across to Site Build It. Ken Evoy has brough in all manner of developments in the last year or so, and I can't wait to make the most of them. They offer much, much more than other web hosts can possibly provide, and for much less money, too.

You'll soon see the benefits on Astro-Services. Of course, there will be a few hiccups, and there may be a small amount of downtime, but after that you'll begin to notice all manner of new features. A much better ezine, for a start. Visitors will be able to contribute to the site. Webmasters, I know, because you've told me, that several of you have been thinking about this for some time. Well, I know no better recommendation than to make the move myself.

The possible circumstances are endless, but this is for everybody, and anyone can make a website! Site BuildIt is the best website making tool I have found on the net. It researches, submits to search engines, organises links, and much more, all in one package that anyone can use, without any knowledge of html..

Webmasters! Get Links!

For all Webmasters, establishing a web presence needs back links. Here's one of the best places to find them.


We all do it. Writing emails, sales letters, work in the office, or as a webmaster, we are writing all day long. But is it effective?

Make Your Content Pre-sell! Write to get the click!

A brand new e-book has just come out that could revolutionise the words you use. It's quick to download, costs less than $10...OK, exactly $9.95!...and has a money-back guarantee if you're not saisfied. No quibble. Interested? Click here to learn how to make your website writing really effective!

DOWNLOAD FREE The Site Build it Action Guide on the Astro-Services Download page. Just click here. Download the free Site Build it Action Guide Here!

Miroslav Chodak of Mikino knows the web business, and made an independent investigation of Site build It. He publishes his independent findings on his own site here.

Astrologically speaking, now is one of the best times to put some structure into a new business, as detailed on my daily forecast page.

If you have an interest, or a hobby, or a small local business, you can have a website. But how to make it? (Hint: click here to read about a wonderful tool that researches all you need to know, and more!)

FREE WEBSITE CONTEST..make your own source of income!

Here is an opportunity to make the most of this current astrological trend. Jupiter in Scorpio is absolutely ideal for seriously making money, in addition to (certainly at first) your normal day job. Are you creative? Always wanted to write? Got a business idea? Put it out there on the web, using a system that is designed to help you make the most of your talents, which is just what astrology is all about. Write and tell me why you like Astro-Services and what you would do with a year's FREE subscription to Site Build It. I'll choose ONE person to get the free site. I may even give a runner up prize or two if the entries are worth it.

I'll keep this offer open for a bit and then give you the closing date, to give as many of you as possible the chance. There are NO STRINGS TO THIS. Write and tell me about yourself, including your birth details if you like, it is up to you, and we'll see what happens.

Make Astrology WORK for you!

How can you make the most of this week's stars to build your own income? People write to me about this all the time. There's a system for using your own life experience, skills or interests and creating a website that will really establish a lasting business. Want to do nothing but Get Rich Quick? Nope, this isn't for you. Prepared to put in some work and have fun at the same time? Yes! Site Build It is for ordinary people, it truly works, and it's backed up by a cast iron, means-what-it-says, Money-Back Guarantee. If you try it and decide against it, you get back everything you put in. You can't lose!

To find out how the planets currently affect your own chart, why not order a forecast or, even better, have a personal, one-to-one email consultation with me? See the range of services and reports here or you can write to me for further details here.

Site Build it! can show you how to turn you ideas into a website that will rank high with the search engines and bring you visitors and customers.

SAVE hundreds of pounds or dollars when you start your own business! You save on website design, marketing, research, and so much more. Everything is all there in the one package. Guaranteed!

Site Build It will always be fantastic value. Right now it is a present from heaven. Click here to learn more. It's not a scam, they guarantee your money back if you're not satisfied, and the reason I am promoting it is that I have learned a lot of what I know from Ken Evoy, the man behind Site Build It. This site isn't built with Site Build It because I hadn't discovered it then. If I had, I'd have saved myself a lot of time and effort, but I've incorporated a lot of Ken's techniques into my pages. And most importantly, like me, Ken believes in giving 100% good value. Click here to see how YOU could benefit from a Site Build It Website.

Check out the Money Back Guarantee!. It is cast iron. Just like having a free trial!

Site Build It is about to go global with ecommerce facilities and much more. It's being totally revamped, making a good thing into a world-beating best. The present is the time to get started. If you have ever thought about selling a service and/or an e-good (or, more importantly, EVEN IF YOU HAVE NOT!), now is the best time to buy.

Webmasters and would-be webmasters!

Whether you want to make an astrology website, or fulfil the potential of your own birth chart, your website can not only pay for itself but bring you an income! Click here to learn more!

You'll need some tools. And the first one is FREE. A FREE 5 day email course that shows you how to write websites that people want to visit, and then turn them into money. (You don't have to sell them anything!) Just click here to send an email for the 5 day free Affiliate Masters Course. (No need actually to WRITE anything. Just CLICK HERE and send a blank email.) This course is one of the best things you could possibly read if you have, or want to have, a website. It takes you by the hand and leads you through the maze of search engines, keywords, and even finding the right name to make YOUR site a success!

New! This email course is now available as a free e-book to download from the downloads page. Click here.

Site Build It! Building Income Through Content..click here now to get started!

Wouldn't it be good if there was someone you could turn to to say ..."but how can I find out?....how do you?....

  • Make Your Site Sell 2002 is THE encyclopaedia of creating and running a website. It's 4 books in one, jam packed with information. Book? Well, you can't go down to the bookshop and buy it, but you CAN download it for the price of 3 or 4 newsstand magazines. Not bad for your own web adviser on your desktop! (You're seeing the results with this website!)
  • Make Your Knowledge Sell tells you how to turn your interest, or your life skill, into writing that will interest other people.

Site Build It!

...and now, The Quick Tour!

Maybe the best tool (apart from Make Your Site sell 2002) is a clever way to make a website that steers you through the maze of search engines, helps you decide on your OWN domain name, deals with the html for you, does weeks' worth of research in half an hour. And much more.

On this page I aim to give you all kinds of handy tips.

v Out there on the web I'll show you how to find it...
v In your own head you have something you're an expert in...something you know about, something you love. I'll show you how to use it...ask me if you want to know anything.

Out there on the web you can look for free site tools here. You can learn a lot from the Paint Shop Pro Users Group, or Design Extreme can design your graphics for you. However, at the end of the day, however good the graphics, a site is no good without effective text. Writing for the web is a skill in itself, but fortunately an easy one to learn!

make Your Knowledge Sell

Where I can register a domain and host my site?

Registering your domain name is part of the Site Build It! package. Click here to take the Quick Tour.

Remember the Money Back Guarantee is just like having a Free Trial! It's Guranteed!.

For other ways of working at home, visit Work At Home Search Work-At-Home-Search.com is the first pay-per-click search engine specifically designed from the ground-up to serve the needs of the home business community.

E-Business Builder...Click here to read this page if you have EVER thought of making a website. It will be the best thing you have ever done for yourself.

Read Make Your Site Sell 2002: the BIBLE of net marketing!

Send a BLANK email for a FREE 5-day Affiliate Masters Course email course
Download the Affiliate Masters E-Book FREE(this is the email course in book form.)
Download the Site Build it Action Guide FREE


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