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Frequently Asked Questions

eSybill 1.0

VegaSviri 1.0

VegaSviri Horary

Dynamic Forecasts


  • Beginners ...Try the Free trial
  • At the beginning... VegaSviri Standard...click here to learn more
  • Professionals...VegaSviri Pro 3.0..scroll down to learn more
  • Experts...VegaSviri Expert 5.0...very sophisticated, Group forecasting capability, able to make predictions in competitive events, sports forecasting is possible, and much more. Possibly the most versatile and sophisticated astrology software in existence. Email me to find out more, and read the article on Dynamic Forecasting.
  • VegaSviri Horary...FREE to download and use for a month, then register in the Astrology Software Shop.
  • and ESybill...for everyone!...click here to learn more
  • NEW! Now you can download Power Point demonstrations showing in detail how VegaSviri works. Just click on the links below, but please be patient while the Power Point slide show loads.
  • Slide Show 1. on the database options, built in geo-atlas etc.
  • Slide Show 2. on the program options
  • Slide Show 3. on fine-tuning the interface to suit your individual preferences.
  • Slide Show 4. on the interactive interface
  • Slide Show 5. Tables in the VegaSviri programs
  • Slide Show 6. methods of prediction in VegaSviri
  • Slide Show 7. Dynamic features in the programs.
  • Slide Show 7. types of rectification in VegaSviri Pro and VegaSviri Expert

Scroll down to read more...or go to the Astro-Services Online Store to read even more details. Click here to go to the shop.

Is this you? Don't know anything about astrology, and don't want to spend a lot of money? Try eSybill! Click here to download! or in the box below. Fully working, pay only if you like it!

(Scroll down the page for full details, including price and delivery time.)

Are you studying astrology, or beginning to practise on your own?

would you like fast and accurate calculations done in an instant?

  • to calculate a horoscope, and build any number of subsidiary charts with ease?
  • to have time for your clients and to research and learn as you go?
  • to have Help at hand at the click of your mouse?

Click in the box below to read about the Standard VegaSviri 1.0, for professional and amateur alike.

Note: all VegaSviri software is available only for PC's. We regret that it is not available for Mac users.


Test it out free! When you've read the details below, go to the Download section, where you can download a Free working trial version. Create your own chart and charts for your friends, read the cosmograms and more.


Also download the Demo, which shows you all the features and functions but will not calculate charts.

ESybill is the low-priced program for everyone...no need for any astrological knowledge...and now there is Neuro Hit! the financial astrology program for anyone interested in finance or the Stock Markets.

Are you an Astrologer looking for advanced software that saves you time but gives you even greater precision?

  • Would you like a program that is fast and easy to use?
  • giving you time for talking to your client, calculations at your fingertips?
  • with all the information you could possibly want, obtainable just by clicking on one chart...no need to hop from screen to screen?
  • but with all the most advanced rectification features, graphic displays, histograms and geo-mapping, where you can customise everything from colour and appearance to advanced technicalities?

VegaSviri3.0 main window

Main Window

The professional VegaSviri 3.0 contains the most advanced and intricate features that could possibly be wanted by any astrologer, but presents them in a thoroughly user-friendly on-screen environment. Different windows containing a variety of graphs and maps can be open at the same time. Fast access buttons make it easy to move from task to task, and they are conveniently distributed in easy data tabs.

Astronomical and astrological calculations are quick and easy, with the information to be displayed in clear graphs and tables, in a series of windows that can be grouped together at will.

Graphic Forecast

A special feature of this program is its usefulness when working with Group Dynamics. With the professional Vega 3.0 complex interactions become simple to calculate, with astonishingly accurate results.

group dynamics

  • The Dynamic representation works like this: it is the sum of all the astrological factors, and the number and types of factors can be determined by the user. The lines on the graph can be briefly summarised as "good" or "bad".
  • red above and green below..."you have a crisis, and you'll have to work hard to achieve results"
  • green above and red below..."you'll be successful, you're going to win" (e.g. a competition)
  • red and green lines equally high..."you have problems but ways out as well. A good time to work hard and get results" etc

Do you find you avoid rectifying charts because it takes so long, and you're never sure of the results?

This program offers three quick methods with proven and tested reliability:

Express Rectification

  • Express Rectification (shown above)
  • very useful if the time is known within 1-3 hours
  • so easy to use that the calculation can be done while the client is on the phone
  • calculates the dates of a planet's entry into a house, enables the astrologer to ask questions about the nature of events on calculated dates and reach conclusions from the answers
  • provides suggestions about the character of events and their sign, and helps both the astrologer, who knows the symbolism, and the client, who can speak about the important events in his life.
  • Rectification based on a number of events
  • unmatched by other software as it allows rectification by running any number of events in a person's life, such as marriage, birth of children etc.
  • ability to edit existing rectification scenarios or create your own.
  • application of additional methods
  • Rectification by first marriage

Smart Rectification

  • Smart Rectification (shown above): with this feature the astrologer can
  • use the results of the programmers' researches. Tests were carried out with 3,000 persons, whose exact time of birth was known. The results were outstandingly accurate.
  • create "scenarios of rectification". A scenario is a list of objects or required parameters set by the astrologer, according to what he or she would prefer to use in rectification. There is no need to look for aspects. Just enter some details of life events, and you get a list of aspects for the moment entered as the approximate time of birth. The green coverage shows the more likely times of birth. The more intense the green colour on the wheel, the more possible it is that this is the correct time of birth. As indicated above, tests have proved this feature to have a high degree of accuracy...further details on request.
  • If the Ascendant is on the white part of the wheel, it is possible just to click on the inner wheel and the Ascendant will change its position. In the table of aspects, the aspects for the chosen time will appear.
  • Geo Map features

Geo Map...astrocartography

  • Speed and precision are guaranteed with this accurate and versatile tool
  • attractive graphics
  • constantly updated database, with coordinates of 6095 places. The user can add any place to the database.
  • changeable colours on a map
  • two modes of line calculation, with or without latitude and declination

Report Writer

  • convenient
  • perfect English
  • full and informative text, with wit and humour
  • easily understood by the layman
  • written creatively by professional astrologers

text report



Use the FREE TRIAL download, to try the program before buying.

How can I buy it? How much does it cost? Prices are now reduced.

Visit the online Astrology Software Shop where you can buy safely and securely by credit or debit card.

Order Now!

If you have any question, you can contact me by email, or telephone.

The program will be despatched from Russia almost as soon as your order is received here in England at Astro-Services. Depending on where in the world you live, it may take up to three weeks to arrive, but you can check back to make sure it is on its way. Order with confidence.

Astro-Services, P.O.Box 134, Penzance, Cornwall,UK TR18 2YW. Telephone: +44 (0)1736 331291

Contact me here.

Astrology Software Shop

Frequently Asked Questions

eSybill 1.0

VegaSviri 1.0

VegaSviri Horary

Dynamic Forecasts


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