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Astro-Services now offers personal psychic readings from Nihm Ra, otherwise known as Belinda. I have known Belinda as an outstanding psychic, a spiritual channel and very good friend for some time. Her clairvoyant gifts are truly exceptional, and I've invited her to share some space on this site.

The first time I met her, Belinda told me three things, each of unique importance to me, put together in such a way that together they formed knowledge of me that no-one knew or could possibly know, certainly not this lady in London who knew nothing at all about me. I'd gone to see her to get something I'd bought on eBay. I knew nothing of channelling. Since then I've come to know and trust her, and the information she gives, very well. Belinda's gifts are real and very special. I strongly recommend her to you. Welcome, Nihm Ra!

Through a link with other colleagues, we can now offer spell casting for those seeking more active help. Spell Casting Services by the California Astrology Association can be a real help in time of need and may be just what you're looking for.

The following section is entirely from Belinda, and I'm delighted to have her here. If you would like a reading, you'll find links in the text to pay her directly through Paypal, but read her notes and background first. . Ellen: May 2005

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NihmRa's background
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Extra-Terrestrials and Astral Projection
Paranormal Research
Frequently Asked Questions


Astrology is an excellent tool for understanding your own personality and how the current positioning of the planets is affecting you personally. Tarot can outline what is going on in terms of human motivation and dynamics as well as certain, but not all, elements of fate. I use both whenever I reach a cross roads, come across a problem or need to manage a situation with more understanding.

Psychic readings may and do include references to all these aspects but their main purpose is to help you understand who you are beyond or in addition to this incarnation. This gives you a better understanding of your soul's agenda and lessons in this lifetime.

I use an initial Tarot reading to establish whether an additional psychic reading is appropriate. Please read my Background notes before deciding on a tarot reading that may lead to a psychic reading

Even though the Tarot reading gives a good indication that a channelling will occur, I prefer to charge only for the initial Tarot reading and accept donations for the follow up psychic reading.

If you are in the UK I will phone you on a UK landline at an agreed time/date and do the Tarot reading and any subsequent psychic reading live. If you are outside the UK or on a mobile phone then you will have to phone me.


My name is Belinda but when I do a psychic reading I operate from my Galactic Higher Self whose name is NihmRa. My name was revealed to me, along with other information about my extra-terrestrial connections, when I consciously embarked on a journey of astral projection to find out who I really was beyond this incarnation.

People are often drawn to me in a way that seems fated. They say 'I don't know why but I knew I had to connect with you somehow.'

I found when I was doing live Tarot readings or simply sitting chatting to someone who'd been 'drawn to come', it would turn into a psychic reading.

Information came through from various sources depending on who I was channelling for but it was always their own guides or Higher Self that came through. My own guides might facilitate by way of introduction but it soon became clear that these people's own guides had an in depth knowledge of them that would have been impossible for me to have obtained through normal means.

It was clear from all these psychic readings that those I was channelling for had a pre-birth agreement to access certain information at a particular stage in their life or development. I was the means through which they would access that information when their Higher Self knew they were ready for it.

I cannot simply channel at will. I can invite energies to speak through me but I cannot demand or require them to. Because of the Law of Free Will, angels, archangels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides and even extra-terrestrial guides are not allowed to communicate with incarnate mortals uninvited. There is a strict policy of non-interference that governs these other realms.

My own guidance is clear that they want me to be accessible to 'seekers' as they call them. They are also clear about it being appropriate to charge for my time in order to meet my day to day terrestrial needs and I also reinforce this message with my own Reiki students. As my guidance also warned that many would come to me but with whom I had no such agreement or who would come before they were ready for the information, I could not simply offer psychic readings.

As one assumes one's own mastery I find the challenges set by spirit get more and more interesting!

I have always worked with 2 blank significator cards in the pack when I do my own tarot readings so I decided that the presence and placement of those cards in a tarot reading would be enough to define both the need for a psychic reading and the nature of that reading.

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