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Daily Forecast

Daily Astrology: What do today's stars mean for you?

This Daily Forecast gives you the planetary picture for the day, a kind of "astrological weather forecast". If it's a good or bad day for Love, Money, or Travel, even online bingo, you'll learn about it here. Are you looking for your daily horoscope? That's here too, on its own page. Your own forecast for the week is here, and basic daily planet positions and astrological transits are on the illustrated Today's Planets page.

NB. This page tends to grow! Scroll down for today's astrological overview, and the SUMMER SOLSTICE.

Often the day's forecast will link into current affairs or discoveries in astronomy and space. And for those who want to know more, including the how or why of it all, there's an up-to-the-minute list of transits and even notes on the Fixed Stars, which sometimes have their own special effect on world affairs. Sometimes, especially at busy times, I might give a week's overview here, and often I'll comment on what's going on in the world, touching on political astrology, the stars and even world money markets as I go. Anything might end up on this page, so come back, you never know what you'll find!

Stonehenge Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice Sun rising at Stonehenge in England.

Wednesday, July 7th.

Moon in Taurus, Sun conjunct Sirius, the Dog Star, and Canopus. Mercury conjunct Procyon. Venus conjunct Alphard. Mars conjunct Mizar. Jupiter conjunct Deneb Kaitos.

We can continue to make use of our own common sense today, with the added bonus of focus, imagination and drive given by today's lunar aspects and a boost from aspects to the Fixed Stars listed above. Did you know that the Fixed Stars, the distant stars way beyond our solar system, can at certain times also affect our lives? Very soon reports will be available on this site so that you can find your own potential truly in the stars. Watch this space.

Tuesday, July 6th.

Moon in Taurus, Sun conjunct Sirius, the Dog Star. Jupiter conjunct Deneb Kaitos.

Today's Taurus lunar energy gives us a bit of space when we can get in touch with the fund of common sense that we all have inside ourselves even though sometimes we lose sight of it! Make the most of it! Try to do something outdoors, or that puts you in touch with nature. Go for a walk the park during your lunch break. Get a plant to go on the desk. And if you're lucky enough to have a garden, do something in it, even if it's just pulling up a few weeds. Gettiing physically in touch with the soil is one of the very best grounding experiences you can have. It puts life's problems into perspective. (If you do have a problem, we may be able to help; see the readings and consultations available here.)

Monday, July 5th

Moon in Aries square Mercury. Jupiter conjunct Uranus and square Pluto. Sun conjunct Sirius, the Dog Star. Jupiter conjunct Deneb Kaitos.

Use today to work on areas of difficulty, because the Aries Moon linked with Mercury carries positive, problem-solving energy. This can be a good day for relationships of all kinds, especially for building bridges where necessary. Take it easy, press on with any plans you have in hand, and by the evening you’ll feel a pleasing sense of accomplishment. A creative aspect with Neptune suggests that anything imaginative or creative can get going today. Think about your dreams and what you'd really like to do if you only had the chance. Towards the end of the week, there's just a chance that you could find the means to do at least something positive and constructive towards bringing those dreams one step closer to becoming real.

Individually, we can truly do things for ourselves! All over this site you'll find links to ways of maximizing your own potential, building your own dream. We have many free readings, while it's easy to go beyond the free stuff to get skilled and personalised advice, at a price you can afford. And why not just have some fun with the new Twilight Eclipse T-Shirts. Personalise and design your own!


Venus in Leo

Venus, the Planet of Love and creativity and bringer of many good things...as well as being the Goddess of Luck, beloved of gamblers...is now in the generous and usually happy sign of Lemakes the coming month exceptionally good for all matters of relationship. It could be the start of a new love in your life or it could help towards solving problems. The details will vary but the influence is there for everyone. If you want to check up on your own relationship, personal reports and consultations are always available here, while Match Affinity is particularly good at matching people according to personality, and they go to trouble to test this. They give you a FREE personality test, and you receive some prospective compatible matches right away! You can visit their Match Affinity here

Zodiac Posters

Have you seen the range of gorgeous Zodiac Posters...a beautiful blend of zodiac art; astrology and Art Nouveau combining to make something really lovely. Perfect for Father's Day, birthdays or just something special, even for yourself!

Comet McNaught the biggest comet yet?

Comet McNaught

Image courtesy of NASA, photo taken by Jose Francisco Hernandez (Altamira Observartory)

Comet McNaught is now visible to the naked eye and may well be the biggest comet on record. Astronomers and astrologers alike will be keeping a close eye on this hige bright visitor to the Solar System as we assess its impact on us and possibly world affairs.

What is the Astrological impact of comets? There are various points of view that have followed all comets, including Haley’s and the current comet McNaught. Comparisons relate to sometimes dramatic and startling historical events that are felt to have occurred because of a Comet’s presence. Some feel they bring good to many and challenges to some, which includes political and earth-changing events, dramatically visible to the public news eye.

Some also feel there is heightened danger for prominent leaders, both royal and elected, during this time. You don’t need a comet to tell you about that! However, with the legends that accompany comet travel and translations of related events by many, it definitely seems to portend that possibility. It is important to remember there are also balances and ways to work beneficially with most astrological aspect influences that are always occurring within the various areas of one’s personal astrological chart.(You can learn about your own personal chart, of course, from me in any one of the wide variety of reports and consultations available here.)


To find out more about Chiron and other centaurs, the very best book I know is "Chiron and the Healing Journey" by Melanie Reinhart. Melanie is an astrologer who possesses great insight and sensitivity, and she writes in such a way that you don't want to put the book down.


There are many ideas throughout this site, for webmasters and would-be webmasters. Don't miss the Webtips section, and don't overlook the many free readings and reports now avilable, as well as the in depth personal services offered in the Online Store. It could be useful to find out when your best opportunnity might be, and how best to use it!

Free Readings

If you're new to this site, explore the menu! You'll find a wealth of free readings just waiting for you, everything from daily Chinese Horoscopes or Rune Stone Readings to our very popular Animal Spirits Reading and much, much more.


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