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Mercury Retrograde

Astrology means, literally, "the word of the stars". Early men looked to the stars for their omens. The ancient tales of many peoples contain stories of how the stars came to be where they are, and of men who came from the stars.

The Old World view was of a heaven and earth that was all one. These days, spiritual thinking of many traditions is increasingly returning to the view that the entire universe is interconnected. We know that the world that once seemed so large is really quite small. Not only does communication flash in an instant from one side to the other, but the felling of a forest in one place affects the climate of another.

We know too, that, we are made of the "stuff of stars." Scientists now tell us that the very presence of life on earth is the result of the death and rebirth of stars. Religion has long taught us that heaven and earth are interconnected. Whether we believe that all things are one, or that one God made the whole of Creation, or that there is presence in all things, there is a common belief that in some way or other, we are part of the universe.

In ancient times a great many people felt that the stars were important parts of their lives. Prehistoric monuments like Stonehenge show an awareness of the movement of the Sun and Moon. The Babylonians saw the movements of the Planets as God’s writing in the sky. Plato associated the planets with ideas. The Ancient Greeks discovered mathematical concepts and truths which lie at the foundation of modern science, and at the same time studied the movements of the stars and saw a correlation with events here on earth.

In the Middle Ages it was recognised that astrology was a true body of knowledge that could provide answers to most questions. In modern times, many astrologers view astrology almost as an adjunct to psychology.

Now the climate of thought has almost come full circle. Different schools of astrology exist, and they take different approaches. Traditional astrology uses the time-honoured precepts of the ages, and can answer any question, find lost objects, tell you whether a legal case is worth pursuing, and "elect" the best moment to start a project, begin a business, or get married.

The more psychological schools of astrology use the influences of the planets as a means of helping oneself or a client to come to an understanding of themselves. Some astrologers specialise exclusively in one form of astrology or another. Many, including the present writer, draw on many branches of the discipline, taking whichever approach seems appropriate for the client’s situation.

The basis of all astrology is the horoscope. Literally, it means "marker of the hour." Your horoscope is like a map of the moment in time when you were born. The more closely you know the time of your birth, the more accurate the interpretation of your horoscope can be. Your horoscope is as unique as your fingerprint. It tells you not only where the Sun was when you were born, but where the Moon was, where Mercury, Venus, Mars, and all the planets were. It shows which degree of which sign was rising over the horizon at the moment of your birth, and indeed where every point of the heavens was in relation to every other point and all in relation to you.

At the moment of your birth you became a unique human being, unrepeated and unrepeatable anywhere at any time on earth. At that moment, the heavens and the whole of creation stood in a unique position to you, and by studying the position of the Sun, Moon, planets and other heavenly bodies at the time and place of your birth not only can an experienced astrologer tell you many things about your character, potential, strengths and weaknesses, but taking those facts as a base, the astrologer can also tell with a very high degree of accuracy very many things indeed about your life. This includes simply forecasting the future at a particular time. Not exact events, but probable developments and outcomes, times when a risk is great or an opportunity is great. The astrologer can tell you what potential you have in vocation or career aptitude, and can help tremendously in questions of relationship, whether a particular relationship will work well, or, if there are problems in existing relationships, where the root of them might be and what is the way forward. All of those areas and many more can be covered with far more accuracy than people realise. The more accurate the birth time, the more accurate forecasting will be, but even without the birth time many things can still be told with a high rate of success.

Tell an astrologer three facts about yourself, your date of birth, place of birth and time of birth, and he or she will be able to give you a very accurate portrait of you character, and tell you many things about your past and future, gifts and difficulties. Most people are dumbfounded by the detailed accuracy.

If you have a new baby, an astrological report can give you an idea of what latent gifts are there to be encouraged. If you are a teenager, or at a turning point in life, astrology will point out areas where you may have a vocation. If you are at the start of a relationship, or in one that seems to be having problems, then astrology is one of the very best tools that there is for understanding the relationships true potential, its strengths and weaknesses.

If you don’t know what time you were born and you are willing to spend some time answering the questions an astrologer will need to ask, he or she can "rectify" your chart, which means working with you to establish when you were probably born.

From all this I am sure you can see that brief forecasts provided at the back of magazines will not be very accurate for most people. It is illogical to expect one-twelfth of the population to experience the same tendencies at any one time. The weekly reports I prepare on this site should be read in the knowledge that it can only be very partial forecast. However, if you know your Rising Sign or Ascendant, read the week’s summary for that sign as well as your Sun sign. If you know more of your own chart, you can apply that knowledge to the weekly summary. For instance, if you have your Sun in Sagittarius, your Ascendant in Virgo, but your Moon in Aquarius, then you might want to read all those signs as well. Please remember that this is a rather blunt tool. For a true forecast for yourself, you need to know your own chart.

From the above you will see that normal day by day sun sign forecasts in magazines and newspapers cannot give more than the vaguest outline of probability, but even then there are certain large trends that will be true of a group pf people born at the same time. However, each person's chart contains many elements, and it is only by considering those that a true understanding can be reached.

Astrology comes into its own when someone has a problem, perhaps a relationship problem, or a worry about employment, or any particular thing. A detailed astrological investigation can so often help find an answer to a question, or help a person to come to a greater understanding. Out of all the work I do for my clients, probably it is dealing with unique and special questions which is my speciality. I have never yet had a client who has been dissatisfied with the outcome of their question.

This is why I always suggest that people find out about their own chart, and read the forecast for their Rising Sign, or Ascendant, as well as that for their Sun sign.

If you would like me to create a chart and character analysis for you, or answer a particular problem, I shall be delighted to do so. Click here for details.







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