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They chose the best time for their wedding!

In India they know a thing or two! The handsome captain of the Indian Cricket Team, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, altered the plans for his wedding to his beautiful girlfriend Sakshi Singh Rawat especially to take advantage of the very favourable and auspicious astrological time discovered by his astrologer. Instead of waiting what it seems could have been a year to get married, they and their families decided to use the good fortune that the stars offered.

Friends since childhood, the two had been sweethearts for three years. Astrologers predict this year will be especially lucky and blessed for the happy couple.

Are you planning to get married? Have you chosen the date?

Did you know that we can help you choose the best time for your wedding? We use a very ancient system to pick or "elect" the very best day for you. Find out more about finding the most fortunate date for this special day in your life!

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Zodiac Posters

Have you seen the range of gorgeous Zodiac Posters...a beautiful blend of zodiac art; astrology and Art Nouveau combining to make something really lovely. Perfect for Father's Day, birthdays or just something special, even for yourself!

Does your chart show that you are creative?

With Saturn still in Libra you have the ongoing chance to build a future for yourself, carefully, checking all the details, and it could be something that will last a long time. I get many emails from people wondering if they have what it takes to build a business for themselves. Even more now that we are in comparatively hard times. The good news is that yes, you can. SBI is just one way, but it is a very good way, and is perfect for anyone wanting to work from home or to start an alternative source of income alongside their main job.

Site Build It!

The Global Financial Crisis and Astrology

The one subject on everyone's minds is the global financial crisis. Could astrologers have predicted it? We watched as Comet Holmes passed across Algol the Demon Star at the beginning of the year, and wondered what it might foretell, but truthfully we weren't looking with wide-open eyes. I say "we". There were a brave few who suspected something of the truth, notably, to my mind, Manfred Zimmel whose website here warns of the end of the capitalist system. We'll see if he's right. My own time has been very limited recently, as some of you will have noticed, but I hope to be able to start again very soon such favourites as the Daily Forecast page on which I like to muse about possibilities.

But how will it all affect you? Each of you will have your own worries and questions. A personal reading or report may throw some light. There's a wide choice, from a personal forecast for your year ahead, or a personal Tarot Reading to a short or full email consultation.


Charts or reports, a truly personal forecast, or personal consultations by email, all are available in the Online Astrology Shop.


Are astrology programs expensive? Modern, original, sophisticated astrological software is now within the reach of everyone. VegaSviri Professional and VegaSviri Expert are among the best working tools an astrologer could have, fantastic analysis and forecasting software for astrologers. Designed by astrologers for astrologers, all VegaSviri programs are now affordable. There's the basic Standard Free Download mentioned above, and Esybill, the astrology program everyone can keep on their desktop, also free to download. Learn more about the whole range of VegaSviri Astrology Software here and please also visit the Astrology Software Shop

VegaSviri Expert. Astrology Software for everyone

VegaSviri Expert is extremely effective astrology software. Read more in the online astrology software shop! Also VegaSviri Horary. Use it FREE for a month and then pay for it in the online shop.

VegaSviri Horary is just one of the astrology software programs available from the Astro-Services Astrology Software Shop!

VegaSviri Horary combines modern technology and Traditional Astrology to give accurate answers to specific questions. Go to the Downloads page to download it free, and work with it for a month before registering it in the Astrology Software Shop.

NEW! ASTROLOGY WATCHES - a unique and lovely gift!

New! Astrology Watches - an ideal gift!

Gold Aquarius Watch - what's your sign?

These are really special! There's a watch for each sign of the Zodiac, and what's more, each one can be personalised. Choose your own colour wristband and customise it as you wish. Whimsical Watches are made by a team of professional Graphic Designers and Artists using hand crafted Miniatures, all specially placed under the domed crystal of the watch turning this fashionable watch into a wearable work of art. The case frames a colourful face with inset easy-to-read analog dial. All Whimsical Watches have a quartz movement and Italian Leather Band placed in a gift box with a limited one-year warranty. Go to this page to see a watch for every zodiac sign from Capricorn through to Sagittarius.

Eris – first the tenth planet, briefly Xena and now Eris!

At long last the International Astronomical Union have decided on a name for the planet they originally announced as the tenth. Astrologers and astronomers, including the discoverers, the team of Michael E. Brown, Chad Trujillo, and David Rabinowitz, have been nicknaming it Xena after the television warrior princess but officially it was called merely 2003UB313. Today came the official announcement that it is to be called Eris, after the Greek goddess of strife or discord.

Historically, the discovery of a new planet has had links with events on earth that seem to follow the pattern of the new planet’s influence. Neptune’s discovery heralded an age when photography, film and television have blossomed. The discovery of electricity and its power and potential followed on the heels of the finding of Uranus by Herschel, whose name was briefly given to that planet of sudden shocks and surprises. Pluto's discovery was at the beginning of what might almost be called an Age of Oil. Eris – goddess of discord and strife. Let’s hope the pattern will not hold true.

There are many ideas and leads on this site for making the most of your as-yet-undiscovered talents. As well as learning about your chart, you can find unusual gifts for everyone from from babies to grandparents, learn something of astrology, western and Chinese, astronomy, how to build the website you've always wanted...and how to make money from it...and much more! Enjoy your visit!



The Downloads page has downloads of astrology software, a free trial of translation and online dictionary software, (for this site is truly international and you visit from all over the world) and free downloads of material for webmasters. Don't miss out on Skype the whole world can talk for free. Download Skype for free and take a look at some of their neat premium services.www.skype.com

NEW! FREE TAROT READINGS ARE BACK! Choose from Ten different Spreads.



Gorgeous magical dreamcatcher with fluorite, amethyst and tiger eye beads

This gorgeous magical dreamcatcher, hand-made specially for us in Yorkshire, England, has fluorite, amethyst and tiger eye beads. This dreamcatcher is so unique, it's the kind of thing you can only win if you get really lucky on a bingo site. It is just one of a growing range of outstanding dreamcatchers on offer in the Astro-Services Online Store. They sell out quickly but new stock is coming in all the time, and the range is increasing day by day. Go and take a look!

What can we learn from Sedna? What do whales have to do with astrology?

Sedna is the Inuit Goddess of the ocean and all that lives in it. Could Sedna be connected with Monday's solar eclipse, and how will it affect us?

Sedna is the Inuit Goddess of the ocean and all that lives in it. The Daily Forecast reflects on this and more.

Updated: Friday, September 14 2012; Contact: Ellen


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